The Little Book of Aphrodisiacs

The Little Book of Aphrodisiacs

The Little Book of Aphrodisiacs

How to pep up your love life with some seductive nibbles…

There’s nothing that supports your libido more than a healthy diet and keeping hydrated with water – what you consume affects your energy levels, hormones and brain patterns and hence your mood for love.

There are, however, a number of erotic edibles you can add to your plate to stimulate your sex circuits. Here’re a few favourites.

Renowned for its aphrodisiac reputation, this voluptuous fruit was named after the testicle by the Aztecs for shapely reasons. It is rich in vitamin E, which will increase blood flow to the genitalia, B6 to aid hormonal production, as well as many other health enhancing goodies.

These phallic friends are rich in potassium, which support the nervous system and muscular activity. Assist your muscles and you’ll be assisting your orgasms, with a “yes, yes, yes!”

A perfect treat for amorous arousal! Nibbling raw, dark chocolate is not only sensuous, it increases serotonin levels and releases other natural, mood-lifting chemicals. It also has anti-oxidants, known for preserving youthfulness, which will support your libido.

Used for thousands of years for its regenerating and aphrodisiac effects, this fleshy root, named by the Chinese, translates as ‘man root’. It is reputed as a natural Viagra as it increases blood flow through your body, including genitalia, it boosts endurance and enhances mood.

If your sexual energy is dipping, think zinc! This mineral, found in pine nuts, oysters, spinach, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts will increase sperm count as well as energy levels, offering a boost to your stamina and love-life.

This royal aphrodisiac was used by Queen Cleopatra, who was documented to have indulged in saffron-infused water prior to her intimate liaisons. This noble spice is rich in manganese and B6, to support sex hormone production and powerful carotenoids for youthful vigour. Saffron also supplements your body with copper, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium – an imperial libido booster indeed!

This juicy number will get you fruity by increasing your nitric oxide levels, and in turn, support your circulation. This means increasing the blood flow to your nether regions and your biggest sex organ – your brain.


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