Connecting the Divine Feminine

Connecting the Divine Feminine

Connecting the Divine Feminine

There has never been a more poignant time for women to collectively gather and support one another. We hold a Divine recognition of the interconnectedness of life, and for many, this Divine, connected wisdom is awakening, or should I say, reawakening?

Rooted within our very bodies is an understanding of the joy and suffering of humanity, the planet and beyond. Woman’s cycles are so attuned to the patterns of the rhythms of nature; the waxing and waning of the moon, the changing of seasons, the flow of our tides, the expansion and contraction of our very breath.

Lets take the example of a woman’s ovulation cycle; not only is a woman able to miraculously conceive a child during ovulation, she is at her peak to bring forth new ideas and ‘birth’ new projects. Her hormonal change during this phase makes her more outwardly expressive. Creation and manifestation are rife in her system… and in contrast, the opposite energy is apparent in the following weeks. Following ovulation comes a reflective time, where women naturally withdraw as their energies turn inward. This outward and inward flow is but a reflection of the Universal cycles of nature.

The most intense part of this phase, that which we call PMS, occurs when the veil between the subconscious and conscious minds are thinner. The right hemisphere of the brain, the feminine side, the area associated with intuition and instinct, becomes more active and thus reveals any undercurrent shadows in our psyche. It is a time for reflection, nurturing ourselves, allowing ‘stuff’ to come up, be seen, accepted and forgiven. It is a time for positive affirmations, gratitude, self-love, self-assurance and rest. We often try to ignore or put it down to a passing phase, attach it to a current life story, make ourselves busy as an attempt to ignore it, but at its deepest layer, it holds significance if we can be brave enough to sit with it, allow it to be there, in its fullness, and welcome it as if we had chosen it. It is through this processing, that women become healers for the mass Divine female consciousness.

Woman carries in her genetic code the suppression of the feminine, her years of torture, being burnt at the stake by the ‘holy’ inquisition, the burning of her temples, killing her priestesses and her continued legacy to be a man’s property or child-bearer runs though her genetic memory today, alongside which, is the gradual decline of the planet, this is no coincidence.

It is no wonder women have body issues, are the sex most likely to have eating disorders or suffer with depression. And many have turned to developing their masculine essence, in order to cope. Focus, control, fixing, systematic approaching are tools of the masculine, left-brain behaviours, but their domination comes at a price, as intuition, empathy, creativity of the feminine is further suppressed.

But once again women are gathering in conscious circles. Women’s full moon circles, yoga classes, or in my case, tantra groups, are cropping up more abundantly. They hold the freedom to express as women again, share their intuitions, nurture one another, find spaces to express confidently, divinize one another and step safely into their receptive states. Within such circles suffering as a shared phenomena is often highlighted- I’ve certainly witnessed many shared processes in feminine gatherings, women recognizing one another’s stories, verbalizing the same (at the core) influences of suffering – not feeling beautiful, unloveable, unworthy, a sense of suppression and struggling with the same genetic memory. And it is through experiencing this as a collective journey, rather than a personal one, that a woman is likely to be inspired to further nourish, heal, and expand again, as she taps into her empathetic nature to heal others through herself.

No longer put down by other women, but lifted by her sisters, the fully awakened woman dances freely, she oozes sexuality, she’s expressive and fearless. She nurtures herself, seeks that which evolves her and is a gift to other women.

It is time to reclaim her birthright, tune in to her wants and needs, to learn to listen to her again. The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved by the western woman”. I think he could be right!


What does the Divine Feminine Look Like?

Operating more from her right-brain hemisphere, she is highly intuitive and instinctive. With a larger emotional body than the masculine, she feels deeply, and therefore carries great compassion for herself, other beings and the planet.

Her confidence partly comes from a knowing of the interconnectedness of life. Aware she is not solely responsible for any suffering she feels into turbulent emotion, she takes time out to be with, honour and process her stories. She also seeks guidance from her sisters when there is need.

She’s charged with a super sexy energy. She has reclaimed or is in the process of reclaiming her sexiness from the negative labels of a whore or slut that have passed through generations. She welcomes sexual expression both in herself and other women. She may be flirtatious, a sexual tigress with her love, or simply carry a sexual confidence.

She considers her body a gift in which she can move and play on the planet, and so takes care of it. A healthy diet, understanding her cyclical rhythms and doing fun exercise are part of her regime, along with occasional, healthy doses of indulgence. She also loves her curves.

She builds up her sisters with reverence and adoration. Aware of her own wondrous attributes, she is able to clearly see other women’s strengths; for what she sees in another is a mirror of her own consciousness.

Everyday steps to support your inner Divine Feminine:

Big-up your sisters

Step out of shame, competitive stories and mistrust and unite as we once did before pre-Christian civilizations, when we were revered as Divine beings.

Considering the positive attributes of our sisters begins to realign us with brilliant traits in our own system.

Listen to your body

Feel deeply, know that any tricky time will pass, and for now, lean into it. Fighting pain will only create more resistance and hence more conflict. Tune into your cycles, use them to your advantage by knowing when to create projects or reflect inward, according to your cycle.

Reclaim your sexy self

Treat yourself to sensuality. Spend time alone giving yourself massages, candlelit baths, buy yourself flowers, look into a mirror with mindful, Divine thoughts of yourself, or find some other ways to make love to yourself, mentally, physically, or both. Think of at least one sexy trait about yourself each day.


-With men, with women, with yourself, with life. Let there be no boundary to your playfulness.

Be Intimate with Yourself

Learn what moves you, what centers and grounds you, what ignites your playfulness, what brings you joy and tears, what are your unique expressions of the Divine? Spend time alone in reflection. By becoming intimate with yourself, you are unleashing the Divine woman and her expression in the world.


Spend time with yourself in stillness. Dance with your eyes closed. Sink into your breath occasionally. Place your awareness at your heart centre, and practice listening through her.

Experiment with your creative, manifestation energy

Birthing is part of your natural cycle. Write a list of your passions, meditate on them as if they’re already yours, let them go and see what happens. Have fun playing with your inner creator.


Dance, paint, write poetry, sing, exercise the creative, right-brain, feminine attributes.

Positive Affirmations

Balance the suffering with joy, set time to remind yourself of your feminine power. Look at yourself in a mirror with adoration and remind yourself of your qualities. Use a mantra or prayer, one that you resonate with. One of my favourites:

Dear Divine, let me see the truth of who I am, no matter how beautiful that is.

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