4Yogini, Sarah Devika, is on a yogic life journey, exploring the mystical feminine and her place on this planet.

The collective consciousness of womankind has long been suppressed, and we are now coming of an age for her to flower once more. Sarah Devika is one of many such emerging lightworkers, offering women the opportunity to reclaim their power through beautiful gatherings of yoga and sacred circles.

She recalls memories of a spiritual childhood,¬†with an intrigue for truth and love. More recently her journey has been in a community in Asia she ‘stumbled’ upon in 2009, returning each year to practice the art of tantric yoga and spend months in such women’s circles.

Combining energy movement of the chakra system through asana and breath, a heightened awareness of the female sexual energy, experience in how to consciously channel it, and opening her heart to awareness and Divine love has been part of her ongoing practice.

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