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Your first step towards bringing more harmony into your life and other women just like you.

Devika Women’s Online Course from Sarah Devika on Vimeo.


Your views will impact the online course criteria and to say thank you I am giving a 50% discount to everyone who contributes.


Here’s the meditation gift I have created for you.


Your views make a difference

1. Have you had any previous experience in yoga or tantra?     

2. Have you had any experience in women's groups/circles?     

3. Have you explored your femininity via a course/book/other before?     

4. Do you feel supported by women/female friendships in your personal life?    

5. Would you feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences to help guide other women?     

6. In general, when meeting with other women, what benefits do you gain?

7. What does 'femininity' mean to you?

8. How would you describe your relationship with your body?

9. What areas of your life would you most like to heal?

10. Anything else you'd like to contribute?

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